Calypso Golden Honeycomb Body Sea Sponge


The Calypso Honeycomb Sea Sponge partners beautifully with our solid cleanser to create a rich lather. It gently exfoliates and improves your circulation while lifting away excess oil and dirt for clean, smooth skin. Unlike their synthetic (plastic) counterparts, washcloths or loofahs, these 100% natural sea sponges contain natural enzymes that deter the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew so they last for years with normal care. 

Considered the king of sponges, the Honeycomb sponge variety is especially luxurious due to its inherent density, strength and superior longevity - the result of being sourced from the cooler temperatures and greater depths of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Kalymnos Island, Greece. 

Named for the mythical Sea Nymphs that personify nature, these sponges are harvested in such a way that preserves their incredible regenerative process and vital ecosystems.

Natural sea sponges are hypoallergenic, without irritants and are suitable for sensitive skin, from children to adults.

We made a conscious choice to source unbleached sea sponges to preserve not only their beautiful, natural colours but also more of their natural benefits. Free from chemical disruption, toxic bleach, plastics and synthetics, they maintain their density and shape without disintegrating. 

Natural sea sponges do not require chemical preservatives as they contain natural enzymes that deter the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Our Calypso Sea Sponges are gathered with traditional diving methods. Divers choose not only the best sponges using eco-friendly methods, but also only those that are fully grown.

During harvesting, divers preserve the vital root system by ensuring one inch of the sponges’ base remains intact. This method respects the marine ecosystems and the natural regenerative process resulting in new, healthier, stronger sponges.

Our suppliers and their boats are certified by the Kalymnos council as to not cause environmental damage or pollution.

Simply massage a rich lather of your favoured Fysha soap onto your body to softly and deeply cleanse, and to promote better circulation.

After each use, rinse the sea sponge thoroughly in cool water leaving no product residue and squeeze out all excess water. Do not twist or ring out your sponge. Leave to dry naturally on a dry surface, away from heat.

Once a month, soak the sea sponge in a bowl of warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. This will help to clean the sponge and maintain its structure. With regular care, natural sea sponges can last for years.

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Eleni Petri

Excellent quality of natural sponge. Soft to the skin, and very well cleaned after harvesting. It doesn’t have this certain smell that usually sea sponges have after being used for longer periods. It’s important though to let it dry naturally.

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