When it comes to soap we're evangelical.

Heritage & CULTURE

Heritage and culture are central pillars of the FYSHA brand. We are passionate advocates of small-scale farming which seeks to borrow from nature rather than strip it of its riches. With a deep and profound respect for this approach, we are proud to be supporting our micro-suppliers, their families and communities.

 A staple skincare ingredient since ancient times, extra-virgin olive oil is a central ingredient within our formulations. We source our first-press extra-virgin olive oil from small-scale family farmers who work in harmony with the earth in the Kalamata region of Greece to nurture land inherited from their forefathers. This practice is an important aspect of Greek culture.

We champion artisanal techniques throughout our production processes and supply chains, in contrast to the mass-production methods commonplace within the skincare industry. Rather than cut corners to reduce our costs, we nurture craftsmanship and heritage practices to benefit real people, real families and real communities.

By working with small producers who employ artisanal techniques and source solely sustainable ingredients, we guard against the mistreatment of workers within our supply chain and condemn exploitative practices. Palm oil production, for instance, all too often sees local populations forced off their ancestral lands, destroying communities and their traditional cultures.

Refusing to source ingredients from faceless corporations, we take pride in supporting ethical and sustainable micro and small businesses to maintain the ethicality, sustainability and integrity of our soaps. Establishing long-standing relationships with our suppliers, many of whom have become personal friends, furnishes us with total confidence in the integrity and traceability of our supply chain and allows us to celebrate and nurture a culture of slow production as well as empower local communities.

This artisanal approach is reflected in our cold process method which harnesses the maximum benefit from every ingredient. This method ensures we retain the high-quality vegetable glycerin, a staple of soap-making for generations, that is so often lost in mass-scale soap-making processes. We lovingly watch each soap take shape, adding each individual ingredient and carefully blending until saponification occurs, reflecting our commitment to artisanal excellence.

To prevent wastage, we place our trust in production methods that minimise our environmental impact. We hand pour each of our soap formulations into individual moulds to ensure we use every last drop of our ingredients. Although this is more time-consuming, it guards against wasted off-cuts, demonstrating how we refuse to waste nature’s larder of superfood ingredients.