Perfectly Formed


All FYSHA vegan soaps are handcrafted by our founder, Amina Khan Papadopoulos. This approach to small-batch precision equips us with total oversight of and confidence in our supply chain, preserving the integrity of the FYSHA brand. Great care and attention to detail is applied to each and every one of our soaps, which are all hand-stamped, hand-wrapped and imbued with the FYSHA spirit before being carefully delivered to our clients. This makes each bar a truly artisanal product worthy of an elevated skincare ritual.

In our quest for artisanal excellence, we cure our soaps for six weeks to allow our ingredients time to mature and bond, eventually creating a longer-lasting and higher-quality bar of soap to cleanse the face, body and hands. Our soaps are hand poured into individual moulds and formed into an iconic cubic shape to not only serve as an elegantly-designed addition to your bathroom but also to maintain structural longevity. This ensures they last longer than other soap bars. Using moulds rather than cutting slabs ensures we are not left with wasted off-cuts, in turn minimising our environmental impact. Over time, the edges of the cube will curve so that it feels as natural as a pebble smoothed against your skin for the ultimate facial, hand and body cleansing experience.

Each bar we create is unique in shape and colour and we celebrate these beautiful imperfections as a proud confirmation of an artisanal production process grounded in integrity, passion and respect for nature.

We pride ourselves on only using FSC-certified biodegradable and recyclable cardboard packaging for our soaps, reducing our environmental impact by minimising our raw material consumption. We take this environmental stewardship a step further by working with an FSC-certified printer to ensure all aspects of our supply chain uphold the same rigorous standards that we do.

This meticulous approach to sourcing is integral to the FYSHA brand. Working solely with suppliers who uphold the highest standards of ethical and social consciousness ultimately allows our clients to make an informed skincare decision: the luxury of trust. Given the opaque nature of many brands’ sourcing arrangements, FYSHA is proud to be pursuing a refreshingly transparent approach within the skincare sector.