By marrying together ‘fys’ from the Greek word ‘fysi’, meaning nature, and ‘ha’ from handmade, we have distilled the goal of our meditative vegan skincare and cleansing accessories brand into one word: FYSHA.

FYSHA champions a chemical-free and artisanal approach to skincare, wellbeing and lifestyle. By embodying values of nature, culture and integrity throughout all we do, our skincare tools forge a connection between the skin and nature’s larder of superfood ingredients to gently cleanse the face, hands and body. We delight in restoring the skin’s natural balance through elegant simplicity, using first-press extra virgin olive oil to cleanse, nourish and moisturise the skin.

Our cleansing soap formulations offer an effective alternative to drying, surfactant-based soaps which can damage the delicate outermost layer of skin. Trusting in the simplicity and provenance of our food-grade ingredients, we employ a versatile yet compact collection of all-natural ingredients simultaneously to address skincare issues, enhance beauty and confidence and reduce our personal environmental impact.

By using only eight ingredients in our formulations, we minimise our ingredient footprint to respect the earth with which we work in harmony to source all our ingredients. Each soap contains only one essential oil and aroma which guards against sensory overload to ensure a meditative experience. Our formulations also simplify skincare routines to replace multiple plastic-based makeup removers, face cleansers and liquid hand soaps with one responsibly-packaged FYSHA soap.

Believing cleansing to be a meditative ritual that elevates our wellbeing, our chemical-free, all-natural vegan cleansers are based on a profound trust in nature and a belief that working in tandem with the gifts of mother earth allows us to experience truly transformative wellness and bring a moment of serenity to our daily cleansing routines.

This approach underwrites everything we do, now and forever. We welcome you to join the FYSHA community as we elevate our skincare and wellness rituals together.