When I embarked on a holistic journey to address my skin issues, finding products to gently purify my skin while maintaining its delicate balance was challenging. I questioned the benefits of harsh cleansers that seemed to be more disruptive than healing. Recognising an opportunity in the beauty industry for a results-driven yet natural, luxurious alternative, I created Fysha.

Cleansing precedes everything else in skincare so it was my first choice of products to create. The art and science that comes with hand making soaps captivates me. That it nurtures a deeper connection between mind, body and soul aligns with my personal philosophies.

Fysha exemplifies the luxury found in the natural world.

I take pride in choosing only plant-based ingredients that benefit our skin. Creating a botanical-rich formula and harnessing the antioxidant benefits of Greek extra virgin olive oil, I have tailored my own palm oil-free soaps. Learning the ancient art of soap making enabled me to refine traditional methods that preserve the molecular structure of these all-natural ingredients.

For me, Fysha is a meaningful and reflective experience, and one that I cherish. From the patience required to perfect the cold soap-making process to using wooden spoons to mix ingredients and protect their vibrational qualities, to the individual hand-stamping of each soap, there is intention and care behind each step. I have gone to great lengths honing my formulations to ensure skin that is radiant, healthy and supported. The experience of using Fysha is as pleasurable as its results.

Sustainability remains at the heart of it all and I wouldn’t have it otherwise.



Amina Papadopoulos is a graduate of the London School of Economics, with a background in corporate banking. A creative at heart, she has used her passion for holistic wellbeing to develop a sustainable, luxury lifestyle brand.