Our Ingredients

We don’t believe in excess, which is why in each of our soaps there are no more than eight ingredients. Every one of them has been chosen to deliver high performance results for your skin. There are absolutely no hidden ingredients in our soaps, we list every ingredient on the label.

Our vegan formulas blend the finest quality natural ingredients from food-grade, cold-pressed plant oils, clays and butters to our premium extra virgin olive oil which is sourced from a small and trusted Greek producer with generations of expertise to ensure absolute excellence.

Our soaps are ultra gentle and free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, harmful chemicals, colouring agents and palm oil. The resulting products offer the chance to be profoundly inspired; by an authentic approach to life; free from chemicals and respectful of nature’s riches.

When it comes to beauty, we believe simplicity is simply the best.