Our Ingredients

Sourcing the finest food-grade extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed plant oils, clays and butters for our vegan, cruelty-free skincare tools is of the utmost importance to FYSHA. We pride ourselves on always making ethical and sustainable choices to uphold the integrity of our skincare tools while ensuring we create formulations that truly cleanse, nourish and restore the vitality of the face, hands and body.

We take care to minimise our ingredient footprint, with each FYSHA soap containing only eight ingredients to counter excess. This not only reduces our environmental impact but also simplifies our skincare routines. Every ingredient we use has been carefully selected to deliver natural high performance results for your skin. There are absolutely no hidden ingredients in our soaps, which are all 100% free from surfactants, parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, harmful chemicals, colouring agents and palm oil.

In contrast to many skincare brands, we use only first press extra virgin olive oil from the Kalamata region of Greece, renowned for the quality of its olives. Sourcing from family-run small-scale farms, we are honoured to have direct relationships with our suppliers, many of whom have become friends. In contrast to mass production methods, we support our suppliers to nurture the land they have inherited from their forefathers, which is a key element of Greek national identity.

Our coconut oil from Indonesia and the Philippines, our cocoa butter from Ivory Coast, and our shea butter from Ghana is all food-grade because we passionately believe that we shouldn’t put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t be happy to eat. In our Lemongrass and Detox Coconut Charcoal soap, we use the coconut husk in addition to the coconut oil, demonstrating our commitment to no wastage and using the entirety of our raw materials.