Perfectly Formed


Who said bigger was better? Not us. We lovingly hand craft all our soaps in small batches in one-off, bijoux productions. This means we can have control over the whole soap-making process from start to finish, ensuring quality at every step. Every soap is hand stamped and hand wrapped – we put the spirit of Fysha into each and every one.

What’s more, each batch of soap we make is cured for at least six weeks creating a longer lasting, higher quality bar of our vegan handmade soap. Each bar is unique in shape and colour and we celebrate these differences; they are the by-product of an artisanal production process founded in integrity, passion and respect.

The iconic cubic form of our soaps is more than an aesthetically pleasing design to prettify your bathroom (although it does that job very well!) - in fact the sophisticated form of our solid soaps has been carefully designed to ensure their structural longevity. Over time, the edges of the cube will curve so that it feels as natural as a pebble smoothed against your skin.

The way we make our soaps is a true combination of art and science.