Free first class priority delivery worldwide on all orders over £70.

Free first class priority delivery worldwide on all orders over £70.

Fysha was founded by Amina, grown from a passion for holistic wellbeing. Frustrated with synthetic liquid soaps and shower gels that stripped her skin of its natural oils, Amina started to search for a natural, luxurious alternative that was in balance with her skin and her principals. Unable to find the eco-gentle, botanical rich formula she was looking for, Amina came up with the idea for Fysha – luxurious, nourishing, natural soaps made in harmony with nature.

It’s impossible to be married to a Greek and not acquire an appreciation for the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Through her regular trips to Greece, she became increasingly interested in how to harness the antioxidant benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil within solid soaps. From there, Amina learnt the ancient art of soap making, discovering and refining the cold process method that preserve the molecular structure of all natural ingredients.

Amina’s dedication is instilled at every step of the Fysha soap-making process, rendering it a meaningful and reflective experience, as each part of the production process is carried out with intention and care. Attention to detail is evident in all areas, from the patience required to perfect the cold soap-making process to using wooden spoons to mix ingredients and protect their vibrational qualities, to the individual hand-stamping of each soap, there is intention and meaning behind each step.

This level of devotion is testament to Amina’s commitment and care and is evident in every handmade soap we sell.