Subtitle: Nature In Our Hands

Fysha was born from the union of two words; the ‘FYS’ from the Greek word ‘FYSI,’ meaning nature and the ‘HA’ from handmade. These two principles work in harmony to create our luxurious, nourishing soaps that respect the synergy between ourselves and nature.

We believe nature offers everything we need for healthy, beautiful skin and are proud to honour the integrity of handmade production methods that enable us to create vegan soaps of uncompromising quality.

Why soap? For us it’s simple. Cleansing is the first and most important step that precedes everything else in skincare. It is the foundation for healthy, luminous skin for face, hands and body. Gently purifying your skin, while respecting its’ delicate balance is essential for skin that glows with health.

Our approach to soap is simple and is rooted in our respect for nature, minimalism and wellbeing. We’re passionate about hand-blending the finest botanical ingredients to create unique, artisanal products that deliver exceptional beauty benefits for nourished, radiant skin.