LUXlife Magazine 2021 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Award Winning Handmade Vegan Soap


Fysha’s vegan handmade soap is a LUXlife Magazine Winner at the 2021 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards in the category of Best Handmade Cleansing, London.

We couldn’t agree more with their announcement of winners:

The pursuit for happiness – whatever happiness might mean for an individual – is a path all of us endeavour to undertake. It is also an ancient pursuit, with our ancestors looking for ways to improve their health or enhance their beauty or achieve a state of wellness. To achieve happiness, in whatever form that may take. The Health, Beauty and Wellness industries are a part of this journey and path. In finding ways to become happier with our mind, body and souls – those most crucial, integral parts of, well, us.

Within these industries, companies of all shapes and sizes have thrived through a dedication to betterment, creativity and innovation. Ultimately, the Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards were launched to determine and recognise the best of these companies and their world-leading products, services and experts. This year’s winners are certainly no different.

Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson stated, “It has been a delight and an honour to reach out to the winners of this year’s programme. Congratulations to all of the individuals acknowledged, and I hope you have a wonderful remainder of 2021 ahead."


Award Winning Handmade Vegan Soap

We are thankful for receiving an award that acknowledges our handmade products. We take great pride in selecting premium plant and mineral based ingredients and creating our own palm oil free formulas - as well as being certified cruelty free and vegan - but it is our commitment to heritage methods that truly sets us apart from the rest.

Artisanal methods and the art of slow combined with passion and patience are integral parts of soap’s rich history. We instill this at every step of our production with attention and dedication. This level of devotion is a testament to our commitment to soap making heritage and producing our vegan soaps by hand.

This means we can have control over the whole soap-making process from start to finish, ensuring quality at every step. From the patience required to perfect the cold soap-making process to using wooden spoons to mix ingredients and protect their vibrational qualities, to the individual hand-stamping of each soap, there is care behind each step.

It means a lot to us to be recognised by LUXlife Magazine and an award that prioritises the journey to happiness within the health, beauty and wellness industries while also balancing body, mind and soul. These values are and have always been a part of Fysha natural cleansing.

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