Natural Sponge


Gently exfoliate and improve your circulation while lifting away excess oil and dirt for clean, smooth skin with this 100% natural sea sponge. Considered the king of sponges, the Honeycomb sponge is especially luxurious due to its inherent density and longevity. Natural sponges are hypoallergenic, without irritants and are suitable for sensitive skin, from young to adults. These sponges deter the accumulation of bacteria, and last for months with normal care.

We made a conscious choice to source unbleached sea sponges to preserve not only their beautiful, natural colours but also more of their natural benefits. Free from chemical disruption, toxic bleach and synthetics, they maintain their density and shape without disintegrating, and are especially long lasting.

Since ancient times, the life and culture of Kalymnos Island has been linked to sea sponge diving. After using traditional and eco-friendly diving methods to gather the sponges, specialised personnel - usually retired sea sponge divers - then sort and process the sponges. All of this is done by hand, with care and attention. The entire local industry is rooted in a history that makes up the very soul the island.

Natural sponges are gathered with traditional diving methods. Divers choose not only the best sponges using eco-friendly methods, but also only those that are fully grown. This leaves smaller ones to grow so they can be harvested the following year, and preserves the environment, allowing the sea sponges to renew themselves.

Simply massage a rich lather of your favoured Fysha soap onto your face or body to softly and deeply cleanse, and to promote better circulation. Can be used daily, or as often as needed. To care for your sponge, rinse clean after each use, squeeze out excess moisture and allow to dry. We recommend replacing your sponge every six months for freshness.

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