When it comes to soap we're evangelical.


Olive oil-derived soap has been around for millennia and we take that heritage very seriously. We source our high quality, extra virgin olive oil from a small and trusted Greek producer with generations of expertise, and we embrace traditional techniques often forgotten in favour of mass production.

 Artisanal methods and the art of slow combined with passion and patience are integral parts of soap’s rich history. We instill this at every step of our production with attention and dedication. This level of devotion is a testament to our commitment to soap making heritage.

Using the precise and challenging method of soap-making called cold process, we harness maximum benefits from every single ingredient. This method also ensures we are able to retain the high-quality vegetable glycerin that is so often lost in other soap-making processes. We lovingly watch each soap take shape, adding each individual ingredient and carefully blending until saponification occurs. We’ve taken every care to perfect pure, uncompromising vegan soaps that are genuinely 100% botanical.

We’re confident you’ll agree our patience pays off.